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NOTE: This is the digital version ONLY. 

IF YOU would like the already put together version- CLICK HERE


This science educational learning binder is a fun way for children to learn and practice important fundamental science skills and content!


 All items are hand-produced by a certified teacher from the Learning Cove LLC. This learning binder is 17 pages


The 17 pages included address the following concepts: 
-basic scientific tools and equipment 
-Life cycle of a Green Bean 
-Parts of a Plant
-Life Cycle of a Butterfly 
- Animals & Their Habitats 
-States of Matter 
- Life Cycle of a Frog 
- Bugs & Insects 
- Baby Animals & Their Moms 
- Simple Machines 
- Solar System 
-Phases of the Moon 
- The Water Cycle 
- Body Systems
-Human Organs 



Learning Binders can be used in a variety of different settings and ways. They are great for homeschooling families. They can easily be taken on-the-go to use while at the doctors office or at grandma's house! 


Feel free to message me if you have further questions!

Science Interactive Busy Binder!


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