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This Saviours' Day Season engage your children in hands-on Science fun while they are still learning and celebrating Saviours' Day! 


This 14 page bundle includes 5 hands-on STEM activities with easy to grab materials! 

Activity 1: Our Flying Flag- Students will learn how to make their flag soar across the room! 

Activity 2: The Wheel- Students will create an easy to make flying saucer!

Activity 3: Geometric Origami Swan 

Activity 4: Saviours' Day Circuits Greeting Card- Students will use the template provided to make a light up greeting card.  *(materials are easy to purchase) 

Activity 5: Dinner with the Believers STEM CHALLENGE- Students will put their engineering skills to the test and build a table that can hold a can of food. 


***BONUS GIFT: This bundle also includes 4 coloring pages and clipart cut-outs to decorate and increase creativity while they explore and work! 



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