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This Atoms & Molecules Digital Activity Pack is great for young elementary aged children up until middle school! This activity pack will have your young Scientists learning about the Atom structure, building various molecules, exploring pH and learning about the elements of the periodic table. 


Lesson 1: Build an Atom

In this lesson, students will be modeling the structure of an atom and learning how many protons, neutrons and electrons are in each atom. 


Lesson 2: Exploring the periodic table 

In this lesson, students will be exploring the periodic table to become familar with the many elements! 


Lesson 3: Edible Molecules  

In this lesson, Students will be building molecules using candy! Once they have built some molecules with candy they will go ahead and use the molecule kit to build even more molecules!


Lesson 4: pH Test

In this lesson, students will use pH paper to discover the varying pH of the liquids around us. From filtered water to vinegar, discovering what is an acid and what is a base! 


Pair with this Molecules Kit Recommended !

Atoms & Molecules Digital Activity Pack


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