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Looking to engage your students in Hands On Science Activities while still celebrating Black History Month?


Looking to incorporate diversity in your science classroom?


Looking to infuse science and social studies in your classroom or at home?


Here's an easy science activity to get your students away from the screen while still learning and having fun!


Included you will find background information on Marie Daly & hands on science activity that corresponds with her contribution to science. In this activity pack, students will be able to build a model of a human heart and explore how the arteries are impacted by unhealthy eating ( high cholesterol)


Depending on the level of your students this activity pack can last from one day to a full week!


This activity pack can be sent home as a spring break or summer vacation package or be completed in class individually and in groups! The materials are so easy to get access that it can be used for hybrid learning, remote learning or normal face to face learning where supplies are limited!

Marie Daly: Black History Month Scientist


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