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Here's a mini bundle that includes everything you need to get your students exploring the many fascinating properties of water. This is a series of experiments that can be completed at home or in school using everyday items! 




1. Sink or Float  where students will observe and get an intro to buoyancy, make hypothesis and write results while testing objects that sink or float.

2. Gummy Bear Experiment where students will explore diffusion of water across a membrane! 

3. Water Beads where students will explore the magic of the growing water beads 

4. Investigating the Movement of Water is where students will go through a series of mini experiments to explore the properties of water, how it moves & how it connects. 


*This was previously sold as a SciPack where students received all the materials needed to complete the activities (message me for more information)*

Magic of Water SciPack Digital Bundle

$8.00 Regular Price
$5.50Sale Price

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