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This Early Learner Butterfly Life Cycle MEGA Science Pack will have your little one engaged for the entire month! They will be observing Caterpillars as they grow into a chrysalis, feeding butterflies and releasing them into nature. They will also be exploring Living and Non-Living Things, going on a Bug Hunt and learning about the life cycle of plants! 


Each science pack comes with a voucher for you to order your caterpillars ( You only pay for shipping)!

As well as 4 weeks of lessons and activities and extensions, Butterfly life cycle figurines, pop up butterfly home, seeds, soil, bug catchers and so much more! 


Lesson 1: Living vs. Non Living Things Students will learn about the difference between living and non living things by comparing a real organisms to candy organisms. 

Lesson 2: Life Cycle of a Butterfly Students will explore the life cycle of a butterfly by watching it grow from a caterpillar and then emerge into a beautiful butterfly! 

Lesson 3: What Do plants need to grow? Students will decorate a decompostable flower pot and then plant the seeds to watch the life cycle of a plant. 

Lesson 4: Bug Scavenger Hunt Students will go on a scavenger hunt using there bug hunt tools to find various types of critters!


These are extra boxes from our subscription box! 

Available while supplies last!

Life Cycle of a Butterfly Mega Kit


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