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Senior Year Realizations: PEOPLE SKILLS

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

There are always those people everyone is naturally drawn too, easily to get along with, easy to talk. But then there are others that just exude an “uninterested, dont talk to me” aura. So I cam across this this article on 

Entitled: The 20 People Skills You Need to Succeed at Work.

This year, particularly starting this summer, I said I wanted to work on my people/ communications skills. I can talk to anyone, but building and creating long lasting relationships is really hard for me to do. Some in this article a few of the points stood out to me as things I could use a little work on.

  1. Active Listening Skills. Hearing someone and actively listening to them are two different things, Hockett explains. Most people hear someone speak and start to form a response in their mind (or worse, starting talking) before the person finishes what they’re saying. “The key is to actively listen, which takes more time but produces better results. It means you listen without interruption and then take the time to think and form a response before replying. It takes practice, but it pays off.”

  2. Flexibility. Being “likable” or having a “good personality” are highly contingent and context dependant attributes, Parnell explains.  Supreme communicators have a keen ability to shift gears when the context calls for it, and a deep well of communication options to choose from. This way, they can respond accordingly to what the current situation requires.”

  3. Negotiation skills. Good negotiating skills are beneficial with both internal and external discussions, Hoover says. “Internally, job offers and salary discussions greatly benefit from solid negotiating, as well as when it’s time to pitch a new idea or sway coworkers to your way of thinking.  Externally, both vendors and customers often require negotiations and you can really become the hero when you are successful in either scenario.”

  4. Awareness of body language. The importance of body language cannot be emphasized enough, since it makes up the majority of how we communicate with others. “The reality is, we’re communicating with people all the time even when we’re not speaking. Being mindful of what our gestures, expressions, voice, and appearance are communicating can greatly help or harm our people skills,” Hockett says.

In everything we do, we are going to have to work with others. We are taught, in the Proper Handling of People by the The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, that in order to get our people we must properly handle them. Make them feel like they are wanted and needed. That is the only way to obtain UNITY, and thus SUCCESS.

– Live, Laugh, Love

          Sajeeda, forever student

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