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5 Tips for Slaying while Mom-ing

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

The major transition that motherhood brings can certainly be a humbling shift toward the more positive virtues, like selflessness. Things that once seemed so important now pale in comparison to the motivation to ensure your children are provided for but like all things, balance is key. Body changes, sleepless nights and the stress of constantly caring for others can leave you feeling less than your best. Its no wonder “looking like someones mom” can have a negative connotation.


1. Know thyself

After nine months of housing another human there are sure to be some major changes to your physique. Get to know yourself again. It does no good to compare yourself to others or even yourself to your pre-motherhood body. Accepting and loving the body you are currently in is key to shining outwardly. No amount of clothing can cover up someone who hates their body.

The first step to looking good is knowing you already do.

2. Fit Counts

Sloppy, ill-fitting pieces look bad on any body type. Make sure all the items you have are the correct size and fall as intended on your body. Huge tops may seem logical to cover up areas you are less confident about but often they end up making you look larger than you are or frumpy. Clothes that are too tight may highlight problem areas and just look uncomfortable. Pick one or two areas that you are confident about and play them up. Compliment your best features while down playing any problem areas.

3. Try a Capsule Wardrobe

Stocking your closet with a few items that compliment each other in color is a super quick and easy way to always look put together. The more items you have that can be mix and matched the easier and quicker it is to get dressed. A little pre planning goes a long way and saves valuable time.


4. Comfort is Key

Fabric is important part of dressing in a way that is functional while still stylish. It allows you the room to express yourself without constricting you from enjoying family time. Children are messy, aim for fabrics that are easily washable, durable and have some stretch for easy movement. You can wear a ball gown to the park if thats your thing but likely you will not be doing much hands on play with the kids however being comfortable doesn’t only mean sweats(or yoga pants). A tee shirt or top that is nice while still gives you the ability to move and a pair of pants or jeans with enough stretch can be just the thing for a busy errand day.

5. Accessorize

An easy and inexpensive way to add a kick to any look is with your accessories. Francy designer duds no longer in the budget? A chic scarf, statement jewelry pieces like bold necklaces or drop earrings, or a nice blazer are all really easy ways you can add flare and versatile styling options to the outfits in your closet.

Be sure to check out my Pinterest here for more Mommy Style info and inspiration.

*featured image: Kayla Bodden

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