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Hidden Gems of New York: SCIENCE SATURDAYS

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Hidden Gems of New York: Brooklyn Edition

There are so many gems in New York, if you only knew where to look.


Today we are going to highlight a program run by our Sister Friend: Saleemah Madyun. CEO and Founder of Enhanced Thoughts. Enhanced Thoughts’ takes an innovative approach to engage urban New York City students and close the STEM educational gap by delivering tutoring services, throwing science basedbirthday parties, selling affordable home science kits and throughout the year, Enhanced Thoughts hostsScience Saturdays for elementary aged students at the local library.  ET Science Saturdays are currently located at the Brooklyn Public Library- Macon Branch and the children have been exposed to everything from heart dissections, to learning the science of making a solar oven to creating their own robots! It’s a lot of fun for the students and the parents who come to assist them! We had a great time when we went to visit last month where we made pizza in our solar ovens! We brought my 2 nieces and younger brother and they had a great time! The children made solar ovens using pizza boxes, tin foil, black construction paper and rolled up newspapers. After that they left it out in the sun to ‘preheat’ as they prepared their pizzas to go into the solar ovens. It wasn’t an ideally sunny summer day but the sun peeking out from behind the clouds did the job for us and the children loved to eat the finished product.

The best part for me as a fellow educator was the end when the children discussed what they had learned from the Science Saturday experience and these elementary aged students are speaking science!


If you would like to support to allow this program to keep on teaching STEM to our young people, click HERE!

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