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Hidden Gems of New York: #ProjectHomemadeENY

Updated: Aug 24, 2020


On a beautiful Sunday morning last month with the summer days winding down, my mom, my sisters, and I took a little trip to a local community garden. What was special about this garden is that it is a quaint oasis of greenery, tucked away on a Brooklyn street right in the middle of East New York. East New York is a Brooklyn neighborhood which has struggled for the past few decades as an under-served community.

We set out to participate in an outdoor cooking class with personal chef and nutrition educator Sophia S. of Project Homemade ENY. Sophia has taken her passion for nutritious home cooked meals and focused on finding ways to educate and promote healthier eating habits to members of her community. Inspired by her own experience watching her Jamaican grandmother in the kitchen, she is dedicated to bringing that spirit to her neighborhood by developing “creative, affordable, tasty and visually appealing” meals anyone can make using real food.

The recipe of the day was a vibrantly colored, super fragrant Raw Corn Salad. We each were assigned a different ingredient to prep and add to the dish. I finally learned some proper technique to my veggie cutting skills. It was really easy and the final product was super delish! It’s amazing the difference in taste when the ingredients are so fresh, Overall a great day had by all, check out the recipe on our page below and if you’re out in New York schedule a class of your own, for a guaranteed healthy good time.


raw corn recipe

PhotoCred: @Black_Optics

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