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@Neelam_: Muslimah Fashion


My name is Neelam Hakeem (@Neelam_) and I’ve always struggled with covering my hair because I’m obsessed with cute hair styles and I thought that covering it took away from fashionable looks I used to go for.  My opinion changed drastically on #MuslimWomensDay as I trolled trough the hashtag becoming spellbound by the beautiful Muslim women and girls who slayed with extreme prejudice, modestly. It was at that moment that I decided to commit to modest fashion.

I also wanted to, as a black woman and M.G.T., to possibly make a difference like the girls I have seen that inspired me. So I decided, with the help of Allah, to try to push and promote


My favorite inspirational Muslimahs are:

@feeeeya (Saufeeya Goodson)


@__enimsay (Yasmine)

@chinutay who has a brand I love @chinutayco


@falieshagomezz and

@marwaatik who has a company I love @velascarves

Other favorite brands are Gessocollections and @massahc


Neelam Hakeem

“Honestly, I prefer Modesty

Who’s your favorite Instagram Muslimah?

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