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From College to… After College !

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

2015 was an amazing, stressful and long year ! From graduating from the best school in the world the illustrious Howard University ( the real HU !)


to moving back and readjusting to life at home with my parents and deciding what was next for me. I lived off campus for 2 years so I was living the life, free,  so to move back was a little weird to me.


Yes, I missed my family so much and missed all the impromptu family time that is guaranteed in our house. I missed spending times with my nieces and nephews that I felt that I missed while away.  I missed having my dads hot cooked food but I also enjoyed the freedom that came along with going away to school and living with my friends.


Some of my 8th grade class in Harlem.

Fast forward 2 years…I am  almost done with my fellowship at Citizen Schools and getting ready to start a Master’s Program at City College and I still classify myself as “readjusting” to life after school. I  still love that I don’t have to pay rent and I still love spending time with my family at any given time. But I’m not too fond of  the excess worry that comes with living in my parents house. I totally understand the reason for the worry, its just crazy to think I was living hours away for 4 years and there was less concern about my whereabouts. I haven’t fully figured out this “adulting” thing, it’s a lot of pressure to have complete control over your own life after years of being told what to do and how to do it and when it has to be done.

What I’ve Learned so far…

Guess what ?… you’re not the only one ! Everyone feels the same way- like we are just floating around trying to find a passion, a purpose, the meaning of life. So relax alittle, enjoy life and find what you really love to do…you’re never too old to be happy !


Live, Laugh,  Love

Sajeeda –trying to adult*

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