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Senior Year Shenanigans

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

  1. September 2014

So its been a while since my last post but there’s been SO much going on ! My friend Erin re-inspired me to continue…”for the archives” So here’s a likkle recap 1.Senior year has officially begun and started kicking my butt !- with Senior Design, Traffic Engineering, Research, ASCE and now my new “job”- its just been alot. 2. I finally went camping && did some hiking 3. Hung out with Malee && drove to Syracuse to see Kareem play for FSU 4.My last Homecoming was pretty amazing 5. PQ & Sparkles birthday = success 6. I take my GRE on FRIDAY 7. I still am not positive about what my plans are post-graduation


This year, although so hectic, has been one of many blessings. Have you ever just sat back and didn’t understand why so many blessing are coming your way ? Try to understand what all these signs mean Well this year has been full of many of those moments. P r e t t y A m a z i n g. I know there are a few more months left in the year but I feel like its good to just take some time to reflect.

– Live, Laugh, Love,

             Sajeeda !

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