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Meet My Team: Buffalo Edition

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

My time in Buffalo is officially over, this time tomorrow I’ll be in Reno. But meet my team whose been with me the wholee summer.

So it was Me & PQ- the youngest, only: black girls, born in America. WE are the life of the lab, I’m sure its pretty quiet and depressing when we aren’t there harassing everyone and asking them questions about school back in Brazil and China and Ethiopia.

Then there’s the Pedros- Pedro & Pedro are exchange students from Brazil, they been with us for the past year suffering through our civil engineering classes together at Howard. They know the struggle!

Then its our Graduate Mentors: Diego && Amde. Diego is from Columbia and he’s hilarious, && Amde is Ethiopian but he spent the last 2 years in China getting his 1st Masters. They put up with us and answered all our questions and was the buffer between us and the professor. I learned so much from them.

Then there was Dr. Han. He was pretty much the boss, in charge of everything. Always in and out of the lab.

&& Finally Dr. Marin, our structures professor at Howard. very outspoken, very Columbian, very smart. She practically recruited us from last year, knowing she wanted us on her project with her. This summer was hard and alot of work but it was one amazing summer !

– Live, Laugh , Love, Sajeeda, the future engineer

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