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First Hours

On September 26th, 2016 at 10:03 p.m., we gave birth to our greatest blessing: Our Son. All 7lbs 10oz of love that was hidden inside of me – we were finally able to meet.

Our hospital experience was amazing– it was a boutique hospital that reminded me like a hotel. We had room service where we can order our meals from a menu. Hubby and Baby were able to stay in the room with me the entire time and we had unlimited visiting hours. The hospital staff was very friendly and accommodating and we didn’t have to worry about someone forcing their views on us. Our birth plan was followed. It was very ‘untraumatic’ to say the least. THANKFULLY. I would highly recommend HackensackUMC at Pascack Valley. The midwife, Doula and my husband was a great support system for what felt like a seamless birth (NOT EASY).


His first pamper change was quite eventful. Being that I could barely move from the bed, my husband lovingly agreed to do the honors. Quite hesitantly, on this delicate body, my husband began to change his diaper. When dad opened up the pamper and started to wipe, Baby E sent out a fountain of urine towards daddy’s face. As he scrambled to try to catch the urine, Baby E simultaneously spit up milk and pooped some meconium out on the changing table. It was a mess and all I could do was watch and laugh.

Later, we learned the watchful signs to prepare us for that fountain urine. Now daddy is a professional. 🙂


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