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DIY Family CAMP!

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Last week my sister and I decided to take our nieces and nephews to "COUSINS CAMP". It's been a long 2020 year indoors, quarantined, in front of the computer and just not normal so we wanted to help make some good memories come out of 2020 for them. Our 10 nieces and nephews (including my sons) range from 1 to 14 years old!

We could handle the fun but we knew we needed someone to help with the food. So we asked my mother if she would help be the Cook for the 3 days Camp Trip! So naturally she hired my Dad to come and help her and it was the best decision we made for that weekend! Best cafeteria food ever =)

AN OVERVIEW ( video compilation by Maleeka)

The prep

A couple weeks before Cousins Camp we had a document where we created the Grocery List, Agenda and Sleeping Arrangements! Groceries were purchased before we left to PA, the agenda was set and the sleeping arrangements was Boys in one room and girls in another room. We had an agenda, everyone got an age appropriate Camp Care package with everything they will need to have fun during camp.

Camp Care Packages

I put these inexpensive Care packages using the extra science activities I had at home and of course some amazon essentials like mini flashlights, binoculars, magnifying glass, tweezers, water bottle, string backpacks, disposable lab coat, stickers, t-shirt for tie dye and snacks!

Day 1

  • Arrived in PA at our AIRBNB that our travel Sister reserved for us!

  • Room assignments & Free Explorations & Play

  • Dinner

  • Movie Night with Popcorn

Day 2



LUNCH- Fries, Fish, Chicken Nuggets & Salad

  • Quiet Time ( Quiet time was nap time for the littlest ones, quiet tv time or independent time for everyone else so that we can set up for the afternoon activities.)

  • Egg Hunt - found these cute eggs with little toys inside that we hid inside and outside of the house and the children had to run around to collect as many as they can!

  • Density & Circuits Science Activities with the Big Kids ( I had some left over activities from my Summer Science Professional Development! ) My favorite part is when they realize that water is a conductor and will help turn on the lights, they learned how to complete the circuit, and which items can complete the circuit and which ones can't.

  • Arts & Crafts ( everyone decorated a picture frame and it was only 99cents at Micheals! Then they took a picture with grandma and grandpa with a Polaroid to put in the frame) and they also decorate a craft telescope to take home!

DINNER - Everyone made their own pizza and there was optional spaghetti, salmon and salad for those who didn't want pizza. There was lots of snacks and fun food for them to enjoy. They had ices, ice cream sandwiches and homemade rice Krispy treats and grandma's homemade cookies!

  • Family History Circle Time - My dad gave a brief history presentation of our family members

  • S'mores and more outdoors!

  • FAMILY STEM CHALLENGE - The family was broken up into 2 teams. Team Grandma and Team Grandpa. Grandma and Grandpa had to choose their team mates to help them win the stem challenge. They were given marshmallows of different sizes, gummy bears and spaghetti and had to build the tallest tower in 15 minutes. The tower had to stand tall for at least 30 seconds in order for it to count in the winning! ((Team Grandpa ended up winning at the very last minute)) =)

  • Bath time

  • BED TIME ( we were exhausted by the end of this day--sleep was great lol)

Day 3


Clean up

Pack up

Family Picture!

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