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Don’t just ‘Stay-at-home’, MOM

Being a stay-at-home mom doesn’t mean you must stay home all day. Being home all day can suck and be depressing, especially if you can’t just cozy up and read your favorite book, do your hair or binge watch Netflix. I have a 8-month-old who demands most of my attention while he’s awake and while he sleeps, I either rush around to try to cook and eat or, on a good day, I can take a nap, or read my books. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to explore new places or revisit my favorite things. By creating some sort of ‘scheduled’ event in my head for each day, it gives me something to do and look forward to and it breaks up the day-to-day monotony that can sometime drive me insane. (Some days, I feel ‘bleh’ and just want to stay home…but I still try to force myself outside so that we don’t get stir crazy.)

[ Eat.Sleep.Poop.Cry.REPEAT.]  NOPE.


Story Time @ Barnes & Nobles

‘Scheduled’ events can be something like grocery shopping, power walking around the mall, going to the park, or a music class. The best time of day for us is earlier around 10-11 a.m. because there’s less traffic and once we get back into the car Baby Bear is knocked out for a nap! I can usually squeeze one more thing in after that nap until about 2pm. Then we get home and he takes a nice 1.5 hr nap where I can unwind, clean up or whatever. Our schedule looks mildly like this:

Sunday– Mosque meeting


Mommy & Me Yoga

Monday– Free Day -Mall or Park

Tuesday– Music Together Class

Wednesday– Story Time @ Library

Thursday– Mommy & Me Yoga

Friday– Free Day- Grocery Shopping

Saturday– Visit Grandma

Here’s a list of things I have tried

Parks (explore new playgrounds)

Bergen County Zoo (Free Nov- May)

Bronx Zoo (Free Wednesdays)

American Museum of Natural History (Pay as you wish everyday)

The Little Gym (Free Trial Class)

Story Time at Barnes and Nobles (includes stories, songs and arts & Crafts) (varies by Location: Tues-Thursday and Saturdays)


Music Class

Story Time at Pottery Barn Kids (Tuesdays)

Mahwah Public Library Jiggly Wiggly & story time Wednesdays (until 23 months) ((The library has great activities for all ages)

Mommy & Me Yoga (until 1 years old) @ Valley Hospital ((Tuesdays))

Stroller Strides (varies by location)

Stroller Tour @ Guggenheim Museum- One Tuesday per month $25.00 ((until 2 years old))*

Music Together Class ((mixed ages- days vary)

Breakfast or Brunch Date

Lunch at the Park

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

Window Shop

Matinee Movies



Day at the Park


Mosque Meeting


The Zoo


My Gym


Play Dates with friends

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