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2016 Reflections- Uncharted Territory 

2016 has been a year full!

It has been so different than any other year I have ever experienced. I was tried and tested physically and emotionally and financially as a woman. Since January, the very start of 2016, I was physically sick for 9 months,I gained the most weight I have ever had in my entire life, I went from a nervous wreck awaiting the labor pains to ready to do it again, I gave birth to another human and my role in life changed, I put a pause on grad school and my life as teacher is on hold. It’s been a whirlwind. I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, everything looks so different but there’s some semblance left of what used to be- the only difference though is that there is no going back… my life as I knew it will never be the same … and that’s okay. 


I’m beginning to snuggle into my new role as a mother. A stay at home mom isn’t as bad as some people make it out to be. It’s difficult financially having one person working in the family,but if you can afford it- do it. The sacrifices we make for the greater good for society and out family is sometimes the cross we must bear. By striving to raise a good child in this world we are doing our part in trying to make the world a better place. As a teacher, it was what i saw myself trying to do each day, trying to instill in my students a sense of self worth and love to do good in the world by doing good by themselves. I now have another chance to do my mission, in a different way, starting from inception. Yes, Each child is different and we can’t totally control all that our children experience and their interactions but as mothers and fathers we have a hand in the shaping of their life. I read somewhere that the words we say to our children when they are young become their conscious mind when they get older… replaying that statement in my head over and over again, it rang more and more true. I think about some of the things my mother used to say to us growing up over and over again– and I now hear it in my head all the time.

It’s tough thinking about my next steps in life. What I want to do? When will I go back to work? If I go back to work who will watch my baby? Where and how will I travel next? I’ve never been here before in my life. The many unknowns. This journey of taking care of someone else. I don’t know where 2017 will take me but I pray I survive in this uncharted territory called motherhood.


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