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When this place became home…

When this place became home… Harbin, China

Harbin, China- July 19, 2013

When, in one’s life does a new place become home? For me…it took about 3 months of nestling in Harbin, for it feel like home. As I walk to my 5:30 p.m. class around the corner, I know when to cross the street at the perfect time to ditch the holes and the puddles as I pass by the familiar scent of the bakery. Whenever I go inside, she knows exactly what I want–the chocolate almond cookies, sometimes coupled with a green tea cake. The young guys at the BBQ spot call out my name and wave…the old ladies carrying their grand babies snicker when I pass and ask to look at my new hairstyles. The guy at the florist waves vigorously and says ‘Hi’ –the little English that he can blurt out, as he sits outside to enjoy his lunch… It’s great when everyone on the block knows who you are and will help you if you need it…Safe. Home is where you make it… My home is definitely in NEW YORK but I will always have a place in my heart for my home in China. –It’s gonna be hard to say goodbye—especially to such a beautiful place—Being here and saying goodbye, reminds me too much of grandpa… Saying good bye has to be the hardest part of traveling…. Zai jian Zhonguo! ..until next time

“In the furthest corner of the most unpaved road, lies some of God’s most beautiful treasures…explore.” -Medinah


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