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Truly Me Time..

Truly Me Time.. Harbin, China

Harbin, China- April 8, 2013

Its kind of crazy growing up in such a big family. You always have someone around you, taking your stuff, or asking you to do something. Not that any of such has changed since ive been here: thanks to Skype and e-mail, Maleeka and sajeeda still ask me for random things as if im sitting at grandmas house on my computer, oh well it keeps us close..eventhough im almost 9, 000 miles away. (Yikes!) On that note of being thousands of miles away from home base, I am by myself a lot enjoying a lot of me time, I have never experienced before (in this magnitude). If I don’t want to do something by myself I usually call up one of my siblings or my mother to come with me or if I need help I usually just call dad! … I can’t still technically do that but not for little thimgs like when I get a migraine, or when I get lost…no one is just around the corner to help me. But besides that my family and friends are so supportive and I feel the love from home…I sometimes feel disillusioned thinking everything is the same because I can call home anytime I want to (as long as there is WiFi)

On my personal time I enjoy going to the gym! Keeps my endorphins going and keeping me from getting sick! ( I don’t want no bird flu!) I also like to go for walks on not so cold afternoons to get some vitamin D and explore Harbin. When im home i like to try new recipes that doesnt involve the oven :/…On Thursday for the Qing Ming festival I went wedding dress shopping and tried on some cute ones. Then i walked through the flood monument and it was ridiculously crowded! Kids playing with kites and old people walking around, so many tourist taking pictures of the St. SOFIA and shopping. All spring clothes is on sale now 🙂 …. Yesterday I went down to Hong Bo Square….where the locals go for shopping. It was such a beautiful sunny day I didnt wanna go straight home so I explored some more. Harbin is an interesting place… the pictures speak louder than words… P.s.. .Still no computer 😦

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