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Things we take for granted…

Things we take for granted… Harbin, China

Harbin, China- March 23, 2013

In the U.S , especially in New York, we take so much for granted. 1. Like being able to eat a variety of food from around the world within a couple block radius. 2. Hot water being integral in every household without the need of a water heater specifically for the shower. 3.An Oven! ( I’m find creative things that I can make in a rice cooker) 4.toilet paper roll holder – it falls and grts wet -_- 5. Automatic washing machine, and a dryer 6.understanding everyday items and conversation. Buying groceries, catching a cab and ordering food always takes 3x as long and is 5x as hard. Lol I love it.., I can’t text and walk or shop and talk on the phone. Everything needs my undivided attention. 7. A garbage disposal system that comes regularly. 8. Getting a driver license is way more expensive out here 9. A separate shower and bathroom. 10. Fitted sheets!! Its the little things like this that you don’t realize Until you don’t have them anymore. But as you see im still surving because its no big deal. Limiting what you have brings out the best in you and keeps your creative juices flowing! I ♡ China!

P.s My laptop is broken so writing blogs are much harder now.

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