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The Fussy Carseat Passenger

Motherhood is quite the emotional roller coaster.

Why does going out seem like such an insurmountable task? Doing errands or hanging out now takes deep thought of whether I really plan on leaving the house. I struggle with the DESIRE to just change my clothes …forget leaving the house. It’s winter & Baby Bear is now a 3 month old fussy car seat passenger.

If it’s day time, he will cry until he falls asleep. That, I don’t mind. It’s at nights when he cries the entire ride where I get annoyed and rethink my life decisions. Every single time I have to take him in the car, I want to change my mind and stay home, however, once at the destination he’s like an angel, as if it never happened.

Sometimes he’s too hot, or too cold.

Sometimes he’s just bored, or being a brat.

Most times he’s just tired and can’t figure out how to put himself to sleep.

…This too shall pass. (as I plan my next excursion)lol

  1. -Medinah

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