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The Chinglish Language!

The Chinglish Language! Harbin, China

Harbin, China-March 15, 2013

Today at school I decided to tape some tidbits of my kids! I didn’t want them to be distracted so I couldn’t tape so well. One of my TA’s told me she had a dream about me the night before about me coming back to their school! lol I just love the kids here: Always giving me massages and trying to teach me some Chinese terms and they love it when I try to learn it! I get a round of applause! Lol =) I’m gonna miss working at the public school! Now I’ll just be with private school kids…After eating at our favorite spot with the really nice family owned atmosphere, last night, I stopped at the florist to try to get a little something to add some dimension to my room. I saw some beautiful Orchids! Omg! I have to go back and get it but they didn’t have a good enough Vase to fit it so once I go get my own I will definitely be going back. I ended up buying a lucky bamboo and some other type of bamboo—I think its a powerful something one that I can’t remember the Chinese term for. I walked in not knowing anything and there was a young-ish man


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