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Sajeeda Chin- Citizens School

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

I decided to open a platform and share what people around me are doing in their lives to maybe inspire and motivate others. The first person: My little sister,Sajeeda. Sajeeda Chin is a teacher, a student, an engineer. She graduated from Howard University in 2015 with a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering. Currently she works as a teaching fellow with Citizen Schools extended day program at The Academy for Future Leaders in Harlem NY. Once completed with the program in June, the program will help her pay for Grad School. She enjoys reading, sports and traveling as much as she can.

1. What is the Citizens school? What is that program about ?

Citizen schools is an extended day learning program for middle school students. In the program students get extended help with homework as well as supplementary math and English support to what they are learning throughout the first shift of teaching. Students are also involved in apprenticeships twice a week where volunteers from businesses and corporations come in and teach the students a skill, focusing on 21st century skills within a 10-week period.

2. What were you doing prior ? What did you study in school? Why did you decide to do this program ?

Before starting at Citizen schools, I had recently graduated from Howard University with a bachelors of science in Civil Engineering. I decided to do this program because I was at a part in my life where I wasn’t fully ready to go into the more corporate engineering field but I also always loved teaching and wanted a chance to experience teaching on my own. I also knew I wanted to go back to school and through this teaching fellowship I receive money that can be used for future schooling expenses.

3. lessons Learned?

  1. 1. Middle school is super hard….but also super rewarding. I love my students, even though they work every last nerve, every last day; I see the difference I make with the relationships built daily.

  2. 2. I really love the flexibility and non-corporate feel of teaching, This helped me realize that the “9-5, in an office life” would never be for me.

  3. 3. Life is really funny and we never really know where we’ll end up or what we’ll be doing. We plan & God laughs.

  4. 4. I still have a love for engineering and STEM. I just want to figure out a way to combine my love for STEM, teaching and traveling all in one to help the world.

  5. 5. NO one has it together. Were all just floating around this Earth trying to figure out whats next. So I’ve learned to relax, take things one step at a time and live the life I want no matter what anyone else thinks.

4. What are your next steps? Good question! I am looking into graduate programs that deal with sustainable design / urban development. I want to help build and run cities.

5. Any advice or insight for those reading this?

No ones life/ path is like another– we each have our own purpose and its up to us to find it, perfect it and make the world a better place.

– Medinah

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