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Oh China, I will miss thee…

Oh China, I will miss thee… Harbin, China

Harbin, China- July 9, 2013

This antique yet up-to-the-minute country has become like home to me and I will miss alot of things about it!

1. Seeing elders strolling and hanging out at the parks all day long 2. Being able to go right outside to buy mangos off the street 3. Spending no more than $20USD on loads of groceries 4. Being able to say whatever I want and know that 99% of the people don’t understand me 5. Learning something new every day I walk outside my house 6. Practicing my not-so-good mandarin 7. My New Friends 8. My Students! 9. Where everyday is an adventure 10. Green Tea Snacks 11. Hot Pot, Homestyle & Shaokao! 12. Everyone staring at me…everywhere I go 13. Living the city life =) 14. A case of water = $1.00 15. Chinese Medicine… 16. Maans Coffee & Toast & Hamama’s Restaurant & Sky Bar Restaurant 17. Tea Shops, Tea Cafes, Tea Menus 18. Being in the far EAST- where the sun rises first


The time flew by…I felt like it was just February when I arrived in the biting cold–thinking that 6 months was a long time. 6 months flew by and my journey is almost complete–to soon begin another chapter in this thing called life!

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