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Keeping Memories: Letters to My Baby

As I’m snuggling with my Little Bear, I am thinking about how so in love I am. I don’t want to miss a moment of his growing up so I am trying to document a little something everyday.My cell phone has become my personal assistant/photographer.

I love our chit-chats, even if its over a poopy diaper. I love our snuggle sessions even if it interrupts mom and dad’s movie date. I love his smiles and laughter even though my back hurts from leaning over to entertain him.

My mother used to take pictures and videotape EVERYTHING when we were younger. It is great now to look back at all the footage she has of all her 7 children. She taped birthday parties, bath time, family meetings, vacations and much more! Its nice to watch family tapes now and reflect on how times have changed and what has still remained the same. Thanks Mom! 

I have been able to gather alot of treasures & pictures so far for Baby E to be able to look back on when he gets older. They are all in a box! ( I may need to get another one) I have created a variety of photobooks using Shutterfly, (if you need a quick turnaround), free prints app, photobooks app (these take pictures straight from your phone and either sends you prints or a photobook), and Ink Cards App.


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