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I’ve never thought…

As I snuggle into my new role as a mother in this first month, and my previous life is fading to the past I started to think about the new things that are important to me now. In the wave of changing a ‘bajillion’ diapers a day, I never would have thought…

  1. I would become unfazed to cleaning someone else’s butt 10

times a day. I learned that there is a fine line between the perfect timing between my son’s urine episodes. If you miss the window you might get caught with a lovely stream on your shirt, in your face, on the carpet or walls or, like me, on my bed.

  1. I would be praying for poop. In his first days home, he was not using the bathroom and I was so worried. It took him three days for him to go and when he went, it was explosive.

  2. That something so natural could be so difficult: BREASTFEEDING.

  3. That laundry day ends up being almost everyday. Between the spitting up and the explosive poop episodes, I am going through blankets and onsies like there is no tomorrow!

  1. That I could love someone the way that I love my son. I feel like I have a lot of people in my life that I love, however this is a different type of love.

“We were able to build something so real & solid out of a material as blurry & intangible as love.”


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