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How does 17 degrees feel like SUMMER!?

How does 17 degrees feel like SUMMER!? Harbin, China

Harbin, China-March 3, 2013

It’s “Spring time” now in Harbin and everyone keeps saying its WARM! I tell every single person that can understand me that warm is a relative term. You have to say WARMER because it is DEFINITELY not warm. 17 degrees F is warmer than the -10 degree weather that greeted me to Harbin. It feels so much better not to have to be in terrible pain from near frostbite when you are leaving work. People are slowly hanging up their hats and scarves meanwhile ME…I’m still bundling up because it is COLD. It now feels like a regular NY COLD winter day! Last night all the ‘expats’ went out for some good ol’ italian food (pizza, salad, mozz. sticks and pasta), Chinese style. but it was delish! So much food and we only spent about $6.00USD per person! SCORE! They even bought out knives and forks for us! I almost forgot how to eat with a knife and fork. My brain is all over the place right now! I was scooping my salad onto my fork with the knife. ughhhh…I got so used to using chopsticks for every meal! smh… It was really good and hit the nostalgic spot last night for all of us. Eating chinese food every night……..ehhhh.. We are so spoiled in the U.S–especially NY where we can eat food from Ethiopia to Thailand to Sicily and never step foot out of the City!! man oh man! Various types of food is a commodity and costs a little more than the chinese food of course. Every night, its like: “What do you want to eat?” ..”I dunno…CHINESE FOOD?” (lol)

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