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Home Sicknesses

Home Sicknesses Harbin, China

Harbin, China- February 25, 2013

In 2013,(the year of the Snake) there is no reason to be totally homesick and run home(expect yearning for your favorite foods), because with new technology I’m right where the rest of them are! I Skype with Mom and Maleeka like everyday. I have sat in the kitchen with them while they ate fake Chinese food =) Kamaal keeps asking me weird questions. Sajeeda emails me to troubleshoot college problems.Maleeka even brought Skype to Grandmas house so that she can talk to me and she had baby Stoney waving at me. lol I can watch the drill competition and cheer on my Professor Chris via webcast and watch the Saviours Day Address as well as order and read the online version of the Final Call! =] This is great! I mean, I do miss the minor luxuries of having so much company all the time. Being from a big family I rarely get so much alone time…Now I’m usually by myself….Unless of course I can get WiFi and get on Skype. I do wish I had some traveling partners who travel with me because it’s not always as fun to do things by yourself…I’m still waiting to Skype with my nieces (MUFFIN) but I’ll wait until they are at Mom’s house..

I’m gonna miss so many birthdays while I’m here but I can be skyped in for the singing over the cake even though I wont taste it. AND I’m going to miss the birth of my new NIECE coming in JUNE!..Its okay because it will only be for 1 month and I will meet her after that. It is kind of a pain being limited to the amount of phone usage I can do and the near warmth weather spring in NY. But its okay..I hope to immerse myself in this so that I can pick up at least A LITTLE bit of this language =]

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