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Food, Food & more Food :)

Food, Food & more Food 🙂 Harbin, China

Harbin, China- April 3, 2013

Oh goodness! At the start of this trip I just knew I was going to have a horrible food experience and come back home emaciated from malnutrition! BUT BUT I am learning to love Chinese food. At home, I didnt really eat the NY style chinese food because ot wasnt so healthy and usually made me sick. Thats not chinese food! Funny thing…the one day I had eaten something that looked and tasted slightly like something back home ( what we call lo mien), I got terribly sicky sicky! Bleh …never went back there again to eat! My favorite dish here so far is di san xian! Its potatoes, eggplant and green peppers sauteed in this delish sauce! Oh God! Whenever im in doubt I usually order di san xian! of course I can eat mi fan ( rice) alllll day! On days im getting fancy we will order ji dan chow fan (egg fried rice) mhmmm nom nom! Lol…. we got invited to my boss’ s place for homemade chinese food and we learned to make jao zi (dumplings) we made special made ones for me!! 🙂 made from leeks and eggs and of course soy sauce stir fried. We wrapped them in dumpling dough, boiled them and voila! Delish! She also made egg and tomato which might become my next favorite dish…. cuz it was mad good. Its a lot of fun to make. She toleme she would teach me how to make other chinese dishes so im mad hype! Lol ive had really good noodles dishes like dao xiao mien and this other one that was so spicy that totally cleared my sinuses lol (I can’t remember the name) … im practicing my Chinese cuisine making skills 🙂

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