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Flying Solo with my 4 Month Old

Baby Eisah & I recently took a quick trip to Seattle, Washington to visit some family and I really enjoyed traveling with him. I was a little nervous at first to get on the plane with him by myself but after traveling to China by myself, I really couldn’t fathom letting nervousness and a 4 month old, stop me from going. Where there is a will, there’s always a way. It was a little tough not having another person to swap with to have a break but besides that I would totally recommend it, especially if you only have one baby. I can’t speak for those mommas who are balancing 2+!  I love to travel and I love to share my passions with my Baby Bear! I have a great support system that I am able to get up and go somewhere for a couple of days to reset. (Thanks Riqy!)

It was different traveling without my husband. That extra pair of hands does justice.I traveled much lighter.How did we do it? We were blessed. I strapped Baby Bear to me and I took one carry on roller bag and a small over the shoulder purse for my wallet and phone. In the outside pockets of the roller bag, I put the baby essentials like diapers, wipes, a bib/burp cloth, 1 change of clothes, a tablet for entertainment and a small canvas bag (I’ll explain why later) Once in the airport, I stuffed my coat into my carry on bag to keep my hands as free as possible. We stopped for a quick meal and the waitress gave me a corner booth to allow for a little extra space for Eisah.  Of course, I had to use the bathroom before getting on the flight, so the first time, I just hiked him up a little higher in the baby carrier and used my squat muscles to complete the task. On the flight coming home, there was a family restroom that had a bassinet inside with high walls, so I was able to lay him down while I used the facilities.

Getting on the plane, both ways, American Airlines asked if anyone wanted to check their bags because the flight was full. I volunteered! I didn’t want to have to worry about lifting my luggage or asking someone to help me. I took out the essentials plus a little toy and blanket and put it in the extra canvas bag and gave my bags to the stewardess! YES! Less for me to worry about!

I find that people are a lot more open to helping you out when you are traveling with an infant, especially when you are alone. There are still kind souls out there and I was so appreciative of the guy in the aisle of our row who passed me my drinks and pretzels from the flight attendant when Eisah was sleeping and I couldn’t move much, the TSA lady who helped me take down my suitcase from the conveyor belt, the woman sitting next to me on the flight who kept playing and talking to Baby Bear.

Once we arrived, picked up our luggage, my Sister-in-Law was there with her 2 toddlers to pick us up! =) My husband had already rented and sent a carseat and stroller to her house so that I wouldn’t have to carry it with me. We were blessed to spend 5 days with Eisah’s cousins!


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