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He doesn’t even know it yet, how much he is loved! I didn’t know I could love someone so much that it brings me to tears just thinking about it. (sheesh)

I love his cheeks, his dimps, his coos, his smile when I put him down to change his pamper, and his reaction when I come into the room.

I love the way he relaxes when I finally pick him up, he looks back at whoever just handed him to me and smiles at them like “yes, this is who I wanted”!


I love the way his legs kick out straight when he’s excited, the way he swings his arms like a boxer at anything in his way.

I love when he drools and his father acts like the drool police, trying to catch every drop.

I love when he tries to suck his fingers, or his whole fist–then gets frustrated because it doesn’t fit in his mouth.

I love the way he talks and yells so the entire house can hear him and the way he stares and watches his daddy & everything he does.

Happy 4 Months!



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