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5 Days NO internet!

5 Days NO internet! Harbin, China

Harbin, China- March 2, 2013

Its been 5 WHOLE DAYS without internet connection! ….It’s like a 3 day fast from food for me! …I read alot and explored the surroundings alot and moved and made our apartment more homey….I moved into my very first apartment on Tuesday!! YaY Me! It took forever to get the wifi up and working since its an older building but thankfully its up!…The bed I have here is bigger than my twin size at home!..I dont know what to do with all this space…I have my own room which is the biggest in the apartment =) And a nice kitchen. No oven though =( So I cannot make brownies (poo).

First of all, when we first moved in I asked “what floor do we live on?” and she says “oh, 3rd floor”. MIND YOU—3rd floor equals 6 flights of stairs! So i had to carry 2 of my 50 pound suitcases up 6 flights of stairs! I was no longer cold! and my arms were sore the next day!! I was soo pooped that night! It was ridiculous. Now after 5 days, I’m starting to get used to walking up 6 flights of icey stairs a day! It’s all pretty dirty around here. I dunno why there isnt a better means of disposal of garbage. I’m really perplexed by the fact that its okay to leave garbage on the floor? (somethings just never will make sense)…Like the wads of spit that men fling from their mouths anywhere at anytime!! (Its soooo cold that it freezes!) I’m trying not to lose my couth out here! [I do not like anything less then feminine] -_- The walkways to get to the apartments are usually not the best looking but once you walk into the apartments they are very nice! Hard wood floors, new appliances etc…


Also,I have been observing lessons all week and getting prepped for my first lesson on Monday. I will be taking over 8 classes next week of children aged 4- 10 years old =) Soooo cute!


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