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10 things I learned within my first year of being a parent

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

It’s been almost 11 months and I’ve learned so much within this first year in being a new mother…

I’ve learned:

  1. That the learning curve is no joke. Baby arrives and within minutes your life has changed completely. Your role has changed completely from what you have known just 24 hours prior. Someone now depends on your for everything, whether you know what to do or not. Whether your ready or not.

  2. That learning curve is not only for the parents but the learning curve for that brand

At the Doctors Office
  1. That I can love someone who gives me nothing in return. It’s a pretty weird thing. Babies take, take and take. Take my sleep, my body, my time, my food…. and I still love him and want what’s best for him and his future.

  2. I’m getting older. Before having my son… it was my life on my time scale. Now it’s my life on his time scale and it seems exponential! I will leave it there before I break down in old lady tears.

  3. That it’s okay I don’t know what I’m doing, as long as I don’t give up. I know with time some things will get easier or will eventually change. My son needs his mother, his father and his family first. We have all he needs in his beginning years. When my son was born I had no idea how to breastfeed, but we didn’t give up. and I thought that was best for him. I really don’t like to not know what I’m doing and this scares me. Another persons future relies on me 

  1. It definitely takes a village. I know we hear this a lot but it’s absolutely the truth. Yes, all the major responsibilities fall on the parents but having a support system

  1. On that note, I learned that it’s best, if you can, to start creating your mom tribe as early as you can because regardless of everyone around you motherhood still feels lonely at times. You may not be able to hangout with your childless friends at night all the time or during the day you may have to go opt to go to child-friendly places.

  2. My mom was a strong sacrificing crazy woman who loved us to have done it 7 times over. I hope I can be half the mother to my children that she was to us.

  3. I need and appreciate my husbands support every step of the way. A lot of the day to day stuff with my son, I do handle because I am home with him but whenever I needed a quick break from my life, he was there with open arms. He works every single day, tirelessly for his family. We both sacrifice in different ways to make it work.

  4. On that note, a mothers separation anxiety is real. I panicked 4 months before I went back to work. Then, as I prepared to go back to work and my son was away from me for longer than a trip to the hair salon, I worried and wondered how he was doing. I missed him so much, for 8 whole hours. I never thought I could miss someone so much for a couple hours. Then again, the past year he was attached to my hip and the year before that he was hanging out on the inside. He is truly apart of me… on the outside now.

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