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Why am I here?

Why am I here? Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China- February 18, 2013

I met so many wonderful,adventurous people in this program who when asked where they are from, and why did they come to China? The answers ranged from things like “I’m just winging it and seeing where life takes me” to things like “I couldn’t find a job in America so 3 years later I’m still in China and love it!” I met someone from Tulsa Oklahoma and someone from London. It’s weird to meet people who kind of think like you yet still not so much. It takes a different type of person to drop everything at home to come to a totally different country. Everyone here is so unique in their own special way that its almost obvious WHY they are in China. Why am I here? I’m here because it has always been a goal of mine to come to China as I have some familial ties here; I knew I wanted to leave the country for an extended time to learn more about myself and what I can endure as well as try to pick up a language. Chinese is a challenge that I would like to try to overcome while I am here. This will be my first time leaving my nest for such an extended period of time and it is nerve racking! I would love to have the opportunity to stay longer to do some traveling but who knows…. Its only been been a couple of days and I have seen an learned so much already. Although I am very much looking forward to my next 6 months in CHINA, I am looking forward to coming back to the U.S to move into a new phase of life. I guess you have to find someone that makes it worth it.

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