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Universal Family

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

  1. August 2014

This summer has been one of love and learning. Everywhere I went, I had some family waiting for me, helping me and just showing me around the area. Making me feeel at home around the world.


How can I have family in Tanzania? Well I do. So there was our of us that traveled to Tanzania; 3 girls and 1 boy, so the way they had the housing set up was me & PQ are living in the dorms, the boy(Parnell) has his own dorm room and the other girl (Camille) will live with a staff member and their family. && that was one of the greatest thing that happened to us, Mom was so nice and welcoming, her and her family cooked us dinner just about every night and welcomed into her family as if we were her own children. They really looked out for us && her daughter Deborah was like our little sister (mdogo-ago) and she taught us some Swahili.


So as soon as I land in Buffalo my mother was coordinate for me to meet && hang out with friends of the family. She said Faijri used to baby-sit her with my Uncle Paul and she went to High School with Don. So we got in contact and we went out to Olive garden. Fast Forward a couple weeks and my amazing family decide to trek up to No-where-land-Buffalo to come visit me, celebrate some days of Ramadan with me and just give me a few seconds of Home. We toured some of Buffalo, met some Muslims && went to the “famous buffalo wing” place in Buffalo, they ordered like 50 wings and me & Medinah were just like sitting there nauseous. But it was great to have a little breather.


Next I was headed to Alaska, and I always heard “you know we have family in Alaska” but Alaska is a pretty huge state so who knew I would only be 15 minutes away from them. My cousins, The Christies, came can picked me up from my hotel, showed me around Anchorage and took us out to eat. I was so confused as to why people just come and live in Alaska, it is a beautiful place but its so far from everything! Its a 3 hour plane ride to the closest state, Washington. Either way I loved spending time with them, just talking and laying on their couch and hearing stories about the family reunions, (all of which I missed).

Back to Buffalo:

My Aunt A, just happened to come to Buffalo the same time that I’m here.  I loved getting the chance to see her && hang out with her family&& love that hugeee dog; its been forever. (yup, my mother is quick with the instagram)

Now as my research winds down and I prepare to present in RENO; I dont think we know anyone in Reno but you never know with my family.

..we are promised friendships in all walks of life.

– Live,Laugh, Love

         Sajeeda, The Vagabond

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