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Things that make me go “Hmmm”?

Things that make me go “Hmmm”? Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China – February 19, 2013

1. Why any city south of the Yangtze River doesn’t have a heating system in their houses because in the summer it gets REALLY hot…however it is snowing right now?? (Good thing I was nosy yesterday and found out how to get our heat in our room working! ) =)

2. People are smoking indoors!

3. Everyone double dips! …at restaurants we use our chopsticks to grab food from the communal bowl on the table and put on our plate just to eat it with the same chopsticks =/

4. Why do I get hand cramps using chopsticks!

5. You can put your paper garbage on the floor in the restaurants and then they will clean it up because there may not be any space on the tables.

6. I have to ask with every dish with NO MEAT (bu chi rou) or else I can expect that there might be some mystery meat in it.

7. How do they keep the subways and streets so clean?

8. The high schools students don’t get grades….they are mainly in school to prepare for the big college entrance exam: the Gaokao. If they are not doing well or up to par they get chided by the laoshi (teacher) or their parents might be called.

9. Less information is given rather than more so that no one loses face if they have to back track on their word

10. Are the face masks used to protect themselves from all the pollution or is it to keep others from getting sick?

11. Street signs are more like gentle reminders or guidelines that cars don’t really follow. Be careful pedestrians…we don’t have the ‘right of way’…

12. Almost impossible to order vegetarian food! -_- [NOT impossible]

13. Rollerblades in the mall?

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