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Shanghai Adventures

Shanghai Adventures Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China- February 20, 2013

As I approach my last days in Shanghai, I am beginning to prepare for the cold cold province of Heilongjiang! I don’t know for sure where I will be living yet but I will find out more details in the next couple of days or so. Its SO Cold right now and its only 35degs F..I can’t imagine -2 degrees right now!! I feel like I’m literally the COLDEST person here…Everyone else seems to be okay with this weather..Not I! …I got some melanin! =]

Today was actually a very good day when it comes to food! It was delish! I got to order exactly what I liked rather than having to eat what was placed on the table. I had some egg friend rice, noodles, stir fried veggies and some eggplant! mhmmm! And I was full for the rest of the day! Thank the lord! Now I know how to order for myself…sheeesh! I love the local villages and their foods–usually more of my type of meals! We went to the River Village today which is one of the older villages in the outskirts and had to do a hanky panky, totally not Amazing Race-like Scavenger Hunt. Some of the things we had to find with our group was: How to say certain words in the local dialect. Try 4 of the local cuisine, Take a picture next to the double bridge. I walked so much I feel like I just learned how to walk—I see how everyone stays so slim.

Yesterday we went to the Old Shanghai Quarters where we saw a lot of small craft shops and everyone was getting ready for the last day of the Spring (Lantern) Festival on Saturday (which I am sadly going to miss in Shanghai) here were so many red lanterns and Chinese New Year decorations everywhere and it lit up the sky at night. I don’t think I ate much yesterday because just about EVERYTHING including the dou fu plates had meat in it! —Good thing I can fast! I felt like I’ve been starving myself I had to do my own self fixer upper! That night we went to the Bund! The most famous Shanghai skyline as well as the 5th Avenue-type street on Nanjing Road. They had everything from Coach and Louis Vuitton to Ferrero Rocher and Coldstones! (of course all of which are expensive because this is the rich part of town). After walking along the freezing cold promenade we spotted the subway and decided to take a chance and ride it! It’s efficient, quick and clean—I wish NYC can get some updating tips!  


Shanghai is pretty cool…its a very up to date idealistic city if you’ve ever seen one. It’s almost futuristic. I like it…the feel of a NEW city. Its not the traditional China that you may be thinking about however that may just be this city. China is HUGE! =) We went to this acrobatics show which was FAB! It reminded me of the UniverSOUL circus with all the different types of Acts! (Mom they had the ‘Ribbon in the Sky’ Act minus that song!) Here I FINALLY found some Ice CREAM! (not the best of the best..but it’ll do! )

P.s —For someone whose last name is CHIN, I am REALLY bad at using Chopsticks! I get hand cramps and it takes me forever to pick up anything. I usually try to sneak and use the soup spoon to eat but i look like a fool! #ChopsticksClass101

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