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Reflection Sundays: Kemet

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

2013-08-22 22.31.05

take me back to the land of my ancestors, the land of the great Kings & Queens and Warriors & Engineers

2012-09-03 12.29.34

take me back to the Shukrans && the Shukranettes

2014-01-23 15.32.21

take me back to the Red Sea, the natural curly pudding, the hair elixir

2012-12-04 21.10.46

take me back to the sisterhood, the family, the infamous fellucaa ride

2012-11-19 23.11.04

take me back to the seminars, the ethnographies, the teamwork, the cool & warm feedback

2012-11-19 23.08.10

Take me back HOME, Kemet

International Youth Leadership Institute (IYLI) Egypt 2010

– Live, Laugh, Love,

             Sajeeda, The Vagabond

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