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Here are 6 products that have made my transition a little bit easier in these first 2 months of motherhood. I am sure I will have much more to add as he gets older.

  1. My Avent Comfort Double Breast Pump has been a life saver. I used it in the

  1. Baby Carrier.  I have the Baby K’tan which is a prepared wrap carrier where the child is held closely to you in a natural state. (How to Use the Baby K’tan) I also have the Infantino Flip Advanced 4 in 1 carrier which is great as he is getting a bit bigger. Instead of always having to pull out the stroller, I can carry Baby E right on me when I go for a walk. It is also helpful when going grocery shopping or doing work around the house.

  1. I do love my Britax 2014 B‑Agile and B‑Safe Travel System (STROLLER). I started my workout with Baby E in the stroller on those beautiful autumn days at the park. It is easy to take the car seat into and out of the car and place right on the stroller. It has been a god send because it rocks Baby E right to sleep. He sleeps all the way until I get home and that gives me some time to cook, or clean up.

  2.  My Arms Reach Co-sleeper has been so helpful to me. I don’t have to get out of bed in the middle of the night to pick him up for feedings and I can watch him and check on him while he sleeps. (see picture above)

  3. How do infants play? What do they do when they are awake, not eating or being changed. Well, they need entertainment. I try to talk Baby

  1. I almost forgot the all important SWADDLER. We used to wrap Baby E like a burrito in his swaddler blankets until he started busting his arms out like a ninja. He was getting too strong, so I invested in the Ergobaby Sleep Lightweight Swaddler and it worked lovely. My son, would sleep for 4-5 hours throughout the night! It keeps the babies arm nice and tight to its body to mimic the lack of space in the womb but leaves space for the legs for proper hip growth.



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