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Expand Your Kids’ Horizons With These Clever After-School Activities

Are you looking for new ideas to keep your children engaged after school? Just like grown-ups, kids can benefit from having a creative outlet! WIth that in mind, Science Teacher Mom shares six great suggestions for transforming an uneventful afternoon into a fun way to build self-confidence.

Become a Kidpreneur

Help your child start their own venture by forming an LLC. This business structure offers limited liability and a few tax advantages, making it ideal for budding entrepreneurs. After they’ve decided on a business model, let them create a business plan and come up with creative ways to finance their new venture. They can also use free templates to make business cards to advertise their company and even set up a website showcasing their products or services online.

Develop Software and Apps

Do your kids like to play video games, and do they like spending time in front of their computers? They may enjoy learning to code and develop their own programs, apps, or websites. Learning a programming language does take time and commitment, but for kids interested in technology, it’s a great skill to develop! And if they need help resolving errors and other coding issues, they can click here for expert tips and advice.

Start a Blog or Vlog

Are your children interested in creative pursuits like writing and storytelling? Help them find their niche and start a blog where they can let their personality shine. And if they’re into film and videography, video blogging can be a fun after-school activity as well. They’ll come up with a script, cast the actors, select a location, shoot, then edit their vlog. Upload their content on a video-sharing website, and invite friends and family members to view their creations!

Invent Your Own Board Game

Let your kids’ imagination run wild as they come up with their own board game to entertain their friends and family members. They can use materials you already have around the house, like cardboard boxes or heavy stock paper and markers to cut out and design the board, and modeling compound or clay to build the game pieces. Have them write down the game rules and come up with a clever name for their new invention, then play together and have fun!

Learn Photography

You don’t need expensive equipment to snap beautiful photos. A simple point-and-shoot camera or a smartphone can take great pictures and provide your child with an excellent introduction to visual arts. Let them explore the backyard and find interesting things to capture on camera. And if they like working on the computer, you may also let them upload and edit their photographs, turn them into greeting cards, or frame them to decorate their bedroom.

Start a STEM Team

If you want to foster your kids’ curiosity and get them interested in science, technology, engineering, and math, talk to other parents and discuss hosting STEM activities your children can work on as a group. They’ll hone their critical thinking and social skills while they work together as a team to solve STEM challenges and puzzles in a safe environment. Make sure to provide adult supervision when required; you may even learn - or relearn - some science basics as you let your kids experiment!

Help your children find their passion by letting them explore different after-school activities that will spark their creativity and imagination. Coding and programming, entrepreneurship, and artistry are all great skills they can develop while having fun. So support them by nurturing their curiosity, and let them surprise you with their ingenuity!

Science Teacher Mom is here to help kids develop a lasting love of science. Click here to access our shop!

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