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A Million & One things closer than the grocery store

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

A Million & One things closer than the Grocery Store…

(Actually 25 things closer than the grocery store, but you know,)

“Its not that far” she says. “Its closer than the other one” she says. “It says 0.9 miles” she says. Well you know me, I’m always down for a little adventure, so we’re off for the hunt for the “close grocery store.” Either I don’t know what 0.9 miles feels like OR that store wasn’t  0.9 miles away. As we’re walking on one of the main streets in Buffalo I’m just observing everything around me, like why is there boats closer than the grocery store. So many irrelevant things and places were closer than the grocery store. #walking&waiting

  1. Sonic Blinds- a blind store

  2. Animal Hospital

  3. 2 barber shops

  4. 4 hair salons

  5. 2 motels

  6. 3 car dealerships

  7. a gas station

  8. Ellicott creek Trailway

  9. Ellicott Creek

  10. a Little kids blow-up bouncy house

  11. boats

  12. A catering hall

  13. Walgreens

  14. Liquor store

  15. A Dentist office

  16. Frozen Yogurt

  17. Jewelry design

  18. Flower shop

  19. “Just Pizza”

  20. Rite Aid

  21. a muffler store

  22. rabbits

  23. those ugly groundhog things\

  24.  deer

  25. ** There ended up being two grocery stores right next door to each other. -___-

Needless to say, we finally made it to the grocery store & back home safely…foot cramps, blisters, aching backs and all.

Moral of the story is…

 Dont walk 5 miles in Flip-Flops.

But On a good note:

1. I shall have the cut-est legs by the time summer is over

2. I know I gotta get a car ASAP.

3. I see a PEDICURE in my near future

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