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# 1 Cardinal Rule; Broken

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

  1. from: August 2014

Rule 1 number for every child growing up is- “Don’t get in cars with strangers.” So why did we?

Here’s why:

So of course Saturday is “adventure saturdays” here in Buffalo, since things are so hard to get to without a car, we stay close to campus during the week. So we decided we were going to Elmwood Village.

Some things about Elmwood Village:

  1.  Its an artsy street in downtown Buffalo right by Buff State

  2.  Theres boutiques, consignment shops, cute restaurants and sometimes live music on the streets.

  3.  Homemade ice cream && books galore !

So anyways we were off we left the house by like 11, the sun was shining the birds were singing, I was even sweating in the “no summer Buffalo” so it was a perfect summer day ! To get there we 1st had to do our daily 20 minute walk to campus to catch “the stampede”- the shuttle to south campus; then we waited for the 5A then transferred to the 20 && we landed right on Elmwood Ave. PERF !

So we continue to do what I do best: Wander ! we hopped in and out of shops and book stores. We found a flea market (got some cute earrings). Took pichas in front of all the things we loved ! even saw a cute little wedding going on at the church nearby.

Anyways… by now its almost 5pm and the clouds are getting darker, but before we leave we gotta eat at one of the cute little restaurants we passed along the way. So we go to this place called Ashkera, it was a cute little spot with smoothies and like pininis and stuff…my favee ! BTW while were eating its gets darker && darker and thunder sounds in the background.

So we eat quickly and run the bus stop to start our loooong journey back home. The 20 bus comes real quickly && AS SOON AS WE GOT ON, the sky opens and starts pouring down. SO by the time we get off to wait for the 5, the streets are practically flooding && no one is on the streets anymore.

At first were waiting for the bus at a stop with nothing to stand under, so we walk further to find somewhere to stand under and wait for the bus, that doesnt seem like its coming at all. We wait for about THIRTY minutes and still nothing. meanwhile theres lightening, thunder, prayers for the rain to slow down(just for an hour), cars splashing puddles so close to us, I wanna scream everytime.

Then out of no where a car pulls up onto the sidewalk, he rolls down his window and is like “you guys want a ride somewhere? Its ugly out”

So at that point:

1. We’re practically soaking wet && kinda freezing

2. 2 busses going the opposite direction have passed but no sight of our bus

3. I didnt feel creeped out by this guy offering us a ride

4. He said he couldnt take us all the way to UB north but to UB south

SO basically I ask PQ, give her the look && we get in.

Keep in mind that it was POURING rain. I was even nervous sitting in the front seat because at some points we couldnt see out the windows, that how much water was everywhere. We get almost to UB south && its like torrential down pour && he goes ” I’ll just take you all the way, its so ugly out && not safe.”

In my mind I’m like thank God.

End of the story: we make it home safe, wet, but not soaking wet.

The moral of the story: I’m not positive what possessed me to get into a car with a total complete stranger and trust him to take us where we needed to go. But I just felt like it was okay. I know it probably wasn’t the SMARTEST thing to do but I do know God loves us and I know that he is real.

This experience was just crazy && amazing. ( I’m not saying get into cars with strangers) but trust in yourself, God && sometimes you just gotta put total faith in him.

During the whole ride I was just thinking of that story I always read somewhere where its this sailor lost at sea and her prays to God to save him, along comes a big boat that offers to help but the sailor says “no my God is coming to help me”. Few hours later another bigger boat stops to help but once again the sailor says “NO” because he is waiting for his God. Few days later the sailor yells out to God asking why he has not come to save him and God answers, I have sent 2 boats to you & yet you refused.

I don’t know if that was a good way to look at it, but I felt God sent him for us because he knew how long our journey was gonna be and how soaking wet && freezing we woulda been.

&& we got a great story to tell that well NEVER forget.


Live, Laugh, Love

Sajeeda, the hippie

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