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Children's Books

Eisah & The String

Eisah absolutely adores his string. He takes his string everywhere; he

loves to play with it in all kinds of fun ways! He uses scientific imagination to

bring the string to life to explain many concepts he has learned! 


Eisah was having a blast with his string, as always, until......oh, no! Something devastating happened today. Eisah lost his string!

Follow Eisah on his quest to find his beloved string with the wisdom and love of his family guiding the way in Eisah and the String.

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Going to Nanny's House

In Going to Nanny's House, readers will undoubtedly know why going to Nanny's house is the BEST! When we go to our Nanny's house, we eat awesome snacks and nutritious food, have loads of fun, and-most importantly-soak up Nanny's love.


Nanny is nurturing, silly, and kind. She takes such good care of me and my brother, and there's never a dull moment when we spend time with her.


I love her so much! That's my Nanny!

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Vanessa F., Educator 

This book has become one of my favorite. It's an easy read that will get children's attention. Illustrations are great. I feel many children will be able to make a personal connection with Eisah. Can't wait to read more books by this up 

Laura, Parent/Educator

Our 3 year old absolutely loved it. Do yourself a favor and support a brilliant family. Looking forward to future texts! 

Daycare Chronicles 101 

This book was a great read for my daycare babies ages 1-4. They were engaged and the illustrations kept their attention & now they want to do all of the STEM activities in the book!

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Meet the Authors

Medinah, Tariq, A'la Eisah & Bilal Eatman 

The Eatman family is a family of engineers, scientists, educators and now authors: past, present & future! 

Tariq Eatman is the Dad of the operations and an engineering manager in the field of aquaponics.  

Medinah Eatman also known as the Science.Teacher.Mom is a certified middle/high school science teacher and loves inspiring children to understand that they can do anything! 

Eisah is currently a 6 year old scholar who is the author of "Eisah & the String" and wants to be an engineer like his Daddy!

Bilal is the brilliant, inquisitive 4 year old who loves his family, and is working on his own book! He wants to be an animal doctor!  

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